If you survived the ups and downs with underperformers and gut wrenching injuries to wind up in your leagues playoffs, than congratulations. But you know you're not done yet as just making the post-season is not enough. League championships and a year of bragging rights are on the line. Let's see how we can help you.

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Did you make the playoffs?

If so, congratulations on a successful season. If not, I guess you weren’t reading closely enough. Just kidding, we know just as well as anyone that no matter how much you read to prepare for your matchups each week, sometimes things just don’t go your way. All you can do is make the most informed decision based on the data in front of you. 

Week 13 was a prime example of the Fantasy Gods toying with owners. If you were lucky enough to be matched up against any of these players, you’re no doubt a little bitter:
  • CJ Spiller
  • Fred Jackson
  • Ben Tate
  • Josh Gordon
  • Alshon Jeffery
  • DeMarco Murray
  • Eric Decker
Other than Decker, Gordon & Jeffery, the other players mentioned above have been fairly horrible this season. Spiller has scored only two touchdowns this season after his breakout 2012 campaign. Ben Tate, while filling the shoes for the talented Arian Foster has been fairly unimpressive and hard to rely on. When he’s not getting hurt, DeMarco Murray is usually not doing much else having only broken the 100 yard mark once this season. 

So if you were heading into your week 13 matchup in need of a win and going up against any of these players, I’m sure you were fairly confident. Unfortunately, this is what makes fantasy football so frustrating (or fun depending on where you sit). Don’t worry there is always next year but if you survived the ups and downs of the season with a playoff berth, then read on my friend as we have some info you might need. 

01:39pm EST | Dec 04
Injury Updates

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers

Rodgers has had further tests to see how the collarbone is healing. The Packers are sitting close to a playoff spot but they can’t afford any more losses which could mean Rodgers starting if cleared to play, which is yet to be approved. Keep a close eye, but don’t hold your breath. 

Julius Thomas, TE, Denver Broncos

He’s missed the last two games with a knee injury. He was a game time decision, so he was obviously close but given the amount of talent Manning has at his disposal, there is no rush to bring Thomas back. If he’s cleared, he starts as he’s been the second best TE this season only behind Jimmy Graham. 

Le’Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers 

He doesn’t remember the goalline play that resulted in a concussion, but Bell is feeling better and would like to play this Sunday. He still put up solid number before leaving the game and has proven himself a reliable running back this season, so if he gets clearance, he should start against the poor Miami run defense. 

Rashad Jennings, RB, Oakland Raiders 

He suffered a concussion late in the Thanksgiving day game against the Cowboys after finding the endzone twice. He was getting all the touches over McFadden and if he gets clearance to play, he’ll get the majority of touches again against the Jets defense that has been fairly solid this season. 

Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago Bears

Cutler has said he hopes to play against the Cowboys on Monday night, but it is still unclear whether that will come to fruition as he is still suffering from a high ankle sprain. The Bears are in a race for a playoff position as well, so if he’s even close to healthy, the Bears may gamble. Unfortunately for Cutler owners, Josh McCown has played well in his absence negating the need to take the risk unless absolutely necessary. 

01:38pm EST | Dec 04
Best Matchups

Detroit Lions @ Philadelphia Eagles

Stafford, Megatron and Bush should all be in for big days against the Eagles this weekend. The Eagles have been horrific at home and have had a difficult time containing the passing game of opponents. This will most likely be a shootout, but for fantasy owners in the playoffs, a shootout is a very good thing. 

Eddie Lacy VS Atlanta Falcons

Lacy has proven himself time and time again that he can handle a full load in only his first season in the NFL. He had a rough week 13 against Detroit, but Atlanta has had a rough season, especially stopping the run. The Falcons have given up rushing touchdowns in 5 of their last 6. 

Alshon Jeffery VS Dallas Cowboys

Minnesota had the 31st worst defense against the pass in week 13. Dallas has the 32nd. Jeffery might not repeat what he did last week, but he is still an easy start at WR1 and should give you the points you need to win your playoff matchup.  

01:38pm EST | Dec 04
Worst Matchups

Robert Griffin III VS Kansas City Chiefs

This matchup has more to do with Kansas City getting their defense back in top form than the lackluster play of RGIII this season. Having lost 3 games in a row after going undefeated through 9 games, the Chiefs should look to make an example out of the young, hobbled quarterback. 

Rashad Jennings @ New York Jets

The Jets have allowed only 100 yard rushing game this season which came last week against Miami. Jennings is banged up and will face the 2nd best run defense in the league it what will be a cold New York day. Temper expectations after the two touchdown week 13 performance. 

Zach Miller @ San Francisco

Miller made some big catches in the Monday night game against New Orleans, but the 49ers have held opposing tight ends to zero touchdowns the past two weeks and only four all season. This doesn’t mean Seattle won’t score, it just means it might not be through the hands of Miller this weekend in a matchup many are now considering the most fierce rivalry in sports.