We are a town without pity, and we often wear it as a badge of honor. We like to croon: "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere." But the boobirds who swooped down on Jason Bay when his head concussed against the left-field wall Friday night at the end of a play where he sacrificed his body to make a $66 million play is a sad reminder that, sometimes, there are too many among us who deserve pity. Bay was placed on the seven-day disabled list yesterday. It was only a small minority, certainly, but it is disgraceful behavior that someone, anyone, would cheer the departure of a staggered, disoriented player who has not given their Mets, 4-1 losers to the Reds last night, any bang for their exorbitant bucks. Shame on you. And you know who you are. Professional sports is a results-oriented business, but it doesn't mean that any fan should channel his inner Lombardi at those moments when Compassion Isn't Everything, But It Is The Only Thing.