Don Chase walked about Marlins Park on Saturday wearing a Toronto Blue Jays cap. “Out of protest,” he grumbled. Chase, a 54-year-old lawyer from Fort Lauderdale, was among several thousand fans who showed up for the Marlins’ “Winter Warm Up,” which availed them a chance to mingle with Marlins players, buy single-game tickets to the 2013 season for the first time and catch baseball fever on the eve of spring training. But Chase, like many Marlins fans, is bitter. He’s angry that the team traded so many players in what marked yet another fire sale for a franchise that has experienced several. For Chase, the final punch to the gut was the blockbuster deal in November with Toronto in which the Marlins dealt five prominent players to the Blue Jays in exchange for mostly young and inexpensive talent. Thus the Blue Jays cap. “For Christmas 2011, we bought Miami Marlins presents,” Chase said. “For Christmas 2012, it was Blue Jays.” And Chase doesn’t plan to support the Marlins at the box office. “We had a 20-game plan last year,” he said. “We did not renew.” Twenty-seven-year-old Jorge Hidalgo of Miami is no different. “Last year I went to over 30 games,” he said. “This year, if I go to two, it’s a lot. And if I go, it’s because I’m going to protest.”