Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones made no excuses for dropping what would have been a 39-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 20-17 loss to the Carolina Panthers. "I didn't take advantage of the opportunity,'' Jones told reporters following the game. "It was no excuses or anything like that. It's just a missed [opportunity].'' Jones had six catches for a season-high 118 yards in the game, but the only topic of conversation afterward was the drop. He was 5 yards ahead of the defense before he bobbled the pass from Matt Ryan. After the drop, Jones remained sprawled across the back of the end zone for a moment and appeared to cover his face in shame. Carolina safety Kurt Coleman came over and offered Jones some "spiritual" words after the drop. "It's just a missed [opportunity]. That's it,'' Jones said. "I'm not worried about people. It's all about my brothers in here because I'm going out there playing for them. I'm not playing for people, 'Oh, I let people down.' I go to work and battle with these men every day. When that play came up, I felt like I could have made a better play in that situation than I did.'' Teammates expressed strong support for Jones afterward. Falcons coach Dan Quinn said his message to Jones was "we're coming back to you. We love you and know what you stand for,'' after the drop.