After the draft last night, Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff head back up to the team’s draft room. Lionel Vital, the director of player personnel, was directing the effort to sign undrafted rookie free agents (UDRFAs) or college free agents (CFAs). “If you had the opportunity to go up and see how our personnel staff works and how they do it, it’s fast and furious,” Dimitroff said. “It’s a lot going on there. Kudos to Lionel Vital and how he’s handling things up there as well as the rest of our scouting staff. The Falcons hoped to wrap up most of the deals last night. They usually don’t release their official list until they turn the contracts into the league office on Monday. However, twitter is ablaze with a lot of unofficial signings and invites to mini-camp next week. “Interestingly enough, we’re hoping that within the next hour, we’ll everything secured,” Dimitroff said Saturday evening. “We work really hard on that. You can talk to players, but you can’t negotiate contracts. That’s what you can’t do. But there is always that kind of discussion going on at the end of the draft.” “You have guys like (Pro Scout) Bob Kronenberg, an ex-coach, and he’s in there recruiting those linemen,” Dimitroff said. “We’ll have some big guys. I guarantee when you walk through those gates to that practice field, and you go on the field to look at these guys this year, there’s will be a few massive guys going onto the field. . ... It will be fun to watch this group.”