Maybe if Ray Edwards had been matched up against more palookas on the offensive line he'd still be in the NFL. Since the Falcons cut him for being a pass-rushing bust, Edwards has continued his heavyweight boxing career (as it were). He improved to 3-0 with a first-round knockout of Nick Capes last weekend in North Dakota. That sounds impressive until you check Capes' record and see that he normally "fights" as a cruiserweight and, before squaring off with Edwards, didn't make it out of the first round in any of his three previous bouts. Edwards' "victory" is even less impressive when you peep the video above and see that not only is Capes a tomato can but that he took a violent and unconvincing dive when an Edwards uppercut didn't come close to landing. The fight doesn't yet appear on Edwards' record but had this report: According to promoter Cory Rapacz, Edwards (sic) original opponent Mike Smith was a no-show at the Friday weigh-in and instead of pulling Edwards off the card he opted for Capes. "We knew he was terrible as one of the fights was on YouTube," said Rapacz on Facebook. "It was obvious what we were getting. He had a federal ID and was over 200 pounds so we took him." Capes drove from Iowa and according to Rapacz arrived in Fargo around midnight and weighed in the next morning. Edwards' other bout since being cut by the Falcons, against Cory Briggs last month in Minnesota, went much the same. Edwards knocked out Briggs in 41 seconds, with myfox9 describing it this way: “Briggs didn't throw a punch and ended up taking a knee, refusing to get up after taking three shots to the body.”