Arthur Smith watched his new Atlanta Falcons team trade generational wide receiver Julio Jones to his old club in Tennessee. After weeks of speculation, the coach wasn't sideswiped by the trade.

During an interview on Cris Collinsworth's podcast, Smith defended the trade, noting that getting Jones' $15.3 million contract for this season off the books helped alleviate salary cap headaches for the Falcons.

"We knew the issue with the cap, and then obviously the cap went down this year, coming off the bizarre year with the pandemic, the cap actually shrunk. So we knew there were going to be some big decisions we would have to make coming up. The way everything worked out, we feel pretty good," Smith said, via Pro Football Talk. "We feel like it was a win-win. With the salary cap, and Julio going to Tennessee and us right now being able to solve our short-term issue with the cap."