The Falcons now have 57 players under contract, but counting the top 51, per league rules, they have used up $123.9 million of their adjustment cap of $135.7 million. The only contract not in the NFLPA documents is Joe Hawley’s two-year, $6.5 million contract. His cap number is $2 million for 2014. So the cap space will be reduced by his number subtracted from the 51st lowest salary. So for projection purposes, the Falcons are at about $9.6 Million under the cap. Here are the 2014 cap numbers of the recently signed players: offensive guard Jon Asamoah ( $2.8 million), defensive tackle/end Jonathan Babineaux ($2.6 million), defensive end Tyson Jackson ($3.1 million), offensive tackle Mike Johnson ($675,000), defensive tackle Corey Peters ($1.468 million) and defensive tackle Paul Soliai ($5.4 million).