The Miami Herald reports that the Marlins are hearing from senior citizens like Bobby Abreu and Freddy Garcia who would like to prolong their careers by playing for the Fish. One assumes they'd be willing to forgo the kind of compensation major leaguers are usually accustomed to because calling the Marlins in the first place is tantamount to admitting you're willing to take what you can get. I figure the decision-tree is something like this: First choice: Start for a contender that will pay well. Second choice: Start for a non-contender that will pay well. Third: Play part time for a contender that pays well. Fourth: Play part time for a non-contender that pays well. Fifth: Start for a contender that doesn't pay well. ...And onwards, all the way down the ladder, until you get to... Sixty-fifth choice: Cling to the game by your fingernails by taking anything you can get from the Marlins.