It's time for a new NBA season, with the 2021-22 campaign tipping off with a pair of games on Tuesday. And it should be an exciting night of action to begin the new year.

First, the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks will open the season by hosting the Brooklyn Nets, another team that is expected to be among the top title contenders in 2021-22. Then, the Los Angeles Lakers will host the Golden State Warriors in a matchup stacked with stars.

For the most part, the NBA hasn't changed much since the 2020-21 season ended in July. However, there have been some adjustments, including to several rules, which is typically the case after most offseasons.

The most notable rule change that the Association has instituted for 2021-22 relates to how fouls are called. And it may be more difficult for players to drive into the paint and draw a foul, as officials will be calling things a bit differently.

The NBA recently announced there's going to be "an interpretive change in the officiating of overt, abrupt or abnormal non-basketball moves by offensive players with the ball in an effort to draw fouls." So referees likely won't be blowing the whistle as much as they had been before.