For those of you new to the world of NFL terminology or requiring a recap of offseason events, we quickly wanted to expand on Brennen's posting last week that talked about restricted free agency from a more technical perspective. A restricted free agent is any veteran player with three accrued seasons, but with less than four, at the conclusion of the player's expiring contract. Players are free to negotiate and sign an offer sheet with a new team, subject to the right of first refusal from the original team, who may make a qualifying offer on or before the first date of the restricted free agent signing period, which is March 12 this year. Other teams may sign that player to an offer sheet and the original team has seven days to match and if they don't, they may receive compensation based on the tender applied to that player. If no team signs the player to an offer sheet, then that player signs his tender and receives the compensation listed below for the 2013 season.