Tim Tebow has been an active participant in a tag-team quarterback system dating back to his freshman season at Florida, so the thought of that possibility follows him to every destination. But Tom Brady is not Mark Sanchez, Kyle Orton or Chris Leak. The Patriots franchise quarterback’s right arm has carried them to three Super Bowl championships and two more appearances in the last dozen years, and Brady’s numbers are emblematic of a man who isn’t ready to slow down. The idea of changing the pace to throw off a defense seems a bit out there. Taking Brady out of the game to allow Tebow to run a gimmick play sounds better suited for a video game than real life. So, when Brady was asked yesterday how he’d feel about tapping out for a play, the future Hall of Famer looked utterly perplexed, as if Bill Belichick might have requested him to play rush linebacker next season. “I have no idea,” Brady responded. Would he be OK with it? “That’s a very hypothetical question,” Brady said, “so maybe we’ll deal with it if it happens.” There’s no controversy here, but it did illustrate the notion that Tebow was signed Monday to be the third-string quarterback and, for now, nothing else. Through two practices, Tebow’s only 11-on-11 work has come during “opportunity time” against fellow third-stringers, and he has completed 10-of-16 passes in the pair of sessions. The other 11-on-11 drills followed the same pattern. Brady ran the show, made way for backup Ryan Mallett and Tebow was a witness. That’s not to say things won’t change after Tebow inhales the playbook during the Patriots’ summer break. And there’s no way to rule out some of Belichick’s gamesmanship in the preseason, either, trotting out Tebow in some zany packages to force regular-season opponents to at least practice against the possibility. But at this moment, all signs point toward Tebow having the same role as third-stringers before him, including recently released signal caller Mike Kafka. The Patriots have readily welcomed Tebow to the mix, as they would with any fresh arrival who cares about improving the product, whether they’re present to play every snap on game day or push the competition at the bottom of the depth chart.