On Wednesday Pacers coach Frank Vogel revealed a bit of his rotation plan when he declared that 6-foot-8 forward Chris Copeland will play “90 percent of the time” this season at the power forward position. As the Pacers divided into two squads for a 12-minute 5-on-5 scrimmage Copeland subbed in for Luis Scola on the White team. Of course this meant that Copeland – who has been blessed with the height but by no stretch of the imagination should be viewed as a prototypical four – had to defend David West in the post. The Blue team with wise intentions often called for a low-post play designed for West to take advantage of this mismatch. Once West physically backed Copeland down and scored easily. But on a different play out of a timeout Copeland took the body bumps and although he didn’t exactly win the match up… West missed the shot. “I’m decently strong. I don’t know if that’s a (phrase) but I can hold my own” Copeland said. “I just try to make it tough for (West) because he’s a very talented player as are many guys in this league. So whenever I’m out there I just want to make it tough on whoever I’m guarding. And on the other end exploit whatever advantage I have. Most forwards I’ll be too fast for them to stay with or if I’m playing the three I’ll be too strong for (them).” Copeland certainly knows his strength because immediately following West’s miss the White team went on the offensive and he stayed locked behind the 3-point arc as the ball swung inside. When the defense drew in there was Copeland … open ready and firing a triple over the late close out from West who could only mutter an expletive as the ball ripped the net.