If/when the NFL offers St. Louis an expansion team in an effort to resolve the Rams relocation litigation, the league wouldn’t move to an odd number of teams. The league would add a second team, if it adds a first one.

Which gives rise to a bigger question. How many more teams could the NFL eventually add?

Regardless of whether the league successfully expands the regular season to 18 games in order to increase inventory for betting purposes (it wants to do it; the question is when it can persuade the NFL Payers Association to do it), adding teams adds inventory, too. With more and more young, capable quarterbacks entering the NFL, it’s not crazy to think that the talent pool from college football can support 34, 36, 38, or even 40 teams.

Yes, 40 teams. If the expansion process from 32 begins, 40 becomes the natural ending point. That would result in eight divisions of five teams each. And it would make sense at that point to have 16 playoff teams.