There is about to be an unholy amount of fire-breathing takes surrounding the quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL Draft class. Not even kidding: Between Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson, we are going to get every take under the sun and some born straight out of that fire-breathing ball of gas. It has begun in earnest already, with former Colts general manager and Pro Football Hall of Famer Bill Polian appearing on ESPN Radio's "Golic and Wingo" and stumping for Lamar Jackson to make the move to wide receiver before the combine. Polian was asked specifically if Jackson needs to be a wide receiver or quarterback and went with wideout because "the accuracy isn't there" and Jackson is "short" and "slight." "I think wide receiver. Exceptional athlete. Exceptional ability to make you miss. Exceptional acceleration. Exceptional instinct with the ball in his hand -- and that's rare for wide receivers," Polian said. "[Antonio Brown] and who else? Name me another one who's like that. Julio [Jones]'s not like that. This guy is incredible in the open field. Great ability to separate. Short and a little bit slight and clearly, clearly not the thrower the other guys are. "The accuracy isn't there. Don't wait to make that change. Don't be like the kid from Ohio State [Terrelle Pryor] and be 29 when you make that change." Fun fact: Terrelle Pryor isn't even 29 yet. So that's a miss on Polian's part. He did wait until he was 26 to make the move, and that's late in his career to do so, but he wanted to be a quarterback and gave it his best shot. It's odd that Jackson would be called "short" when a) he's 6-feet-3 and b) you want wide receivers to be tall. Also, it would probably behoove Polian not to praise Josh Allen too much in this process if accuracy is going to be an issue.