He may have landed the punch, but Greg Reynolds was the one who was hurt the most. That's the decision a California jury came to, awarding Reynolds, a former MLB pitcher, more than $2 million Monday after he flamed out of professional baseball following an incident where he punched a naked man on LSD who was trying to break into Reynolds' home in 2015, according to The Mercury News. The pitcher will receive a total of $2.3 million from the man he punched in self-defense and the neighbor who was hosting an acid party. Reynolds, a former pitcher and No. 2 overall pick of the Rockies in 2006, spent parts of three seasons in the majors before working to resurrect his career in Japan. Shortly after returning to the states in search of another major-league opportunity, he was attacked in January 2015 by 19-year-old Domenic Pintarelli. Pintarelli was found trying to destroy Reynolds' mailbox before attacking the former pitcher when he was confronted, chasing the pitcher back into his home.