There is a general consensus out there that the New York Giants, a proud organization known for patience and calm, rational decision-making, got a little trigger-happy this season when it fell to 2-9 and summarily decided to bench franchise quarterback Eli Manning. A case can be made that the Giants needed to make some move, but even arguing that angle, you'll find it hard to admit the Giants did anything other than botch this situation. But by and large it is considered a "pathetic" decision (Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers) or a "slap in the face" (Lions wideout Golden Tate). Tom Brady, a walking version of Switzerland in matters like this, even called it "unfortunate." Another way to put it? The Giants did Eli "dirty." That is the phrasing of choice for former Eli teammate Plaxico Burress, who caught more than his fair share of huge passes from the quarterback when playing for the Giants. Burress isn't the first former teammate of Manning's to sound off -- Michael Strahan, who won a Super Bowl with Eli, said the team threw the quarterback under the bus in an emotional rant. Manning was also understandably upset by the whole thing, getting emotional when discussing the demotion with reporters at his locker.