Three and a half hours before Thursday's game Brian Wilson sat at a table playing dominoes with Juan Uribe. In other words nothing has changed since Wilson's Giants days aside from the color of his uniform and his gaming fortune. Uribe used to take so much of Wilson's cash in dominoes the infielder would strut into the clubhouse yelling "Where's Wilson?" "Now he's winning" Uribe said. When the Giants made Wilson a free agent by not tendering him a contract last winter there were questions how his act would play in a different clubhouse with players he did not know. Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said that has not been an issue. "He's been good with the guys. It seems like he came here and fit right in" Mattingly said. "You don't really know what to expect when you see all the beard stuff and the hair. I think I've found out more than anything he's a pro when it gets down to game time. That's all you ask guys to do." Mattingly played his entire career with the button-down Yankees who forbade players from having facial hair - one tradition Mattingly did not bring to Los Angeles.