Former South Carolina running back Kenny Miles issued a statement Wednesday acknowledging that a November self-inflicted gunshot wound Miles initially claimed had been part of an armed robbery attempt had in fact been part of a suicide attempt. “In the months leading up to November, I struggled with a sudden onset of deep depression. On November 4, I did indeed attempt to take my own life," Miles said in the statement, which was released through his attorney and published by The State. "After the incident, I was professionally diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. This illness can be caused by a number of factors. Thankfully, I am receiving the proper treatment at this time. “I encourage anyone who thinks they may be having signs of depression or may know of someone showing signs to seek help immediately," Miles said. "I thank God for His Grace and for blessing me with great family, friends and fans that have been my support system throughout this ordeal." After admitting to the Richland County Sheriff's Office that the wound to his arm had been self-inflicted, Miles was charged with filing a false police report. He was released on bond and, per The State, is living with his parents in Georgia.