Every year, as the calendar approaches the final days of July, teams around the Majors begin to feel the heat with regards to the Trade Deadline.

We’re a little more than a week away, so we spoke with a half-dozen front-office executives to see where their heads were as we race toward July 30.

The common theme? Don’t expect a whole lot to happen this week. Then buckle up.

“It’s July 20, and it feels like we have nothing but time on our hands right now; we’re gearing up for a frenzy on July 30,” one American League general manager said. “It’s a little unfortunate that it seems our industry gravitates so much toward those deadlines. I would expect this year to be no different.”

One-third of the league consists of presumptive buyers, while another third appears to be on a selling path. The key to the Deadline -- as always -- is the 10 or so teams on the bubble, making any major movement among those clubs unlikely until the last possible minute -- if they opt to make any big moves at all.