In Round 1, Daily Faceoff resident coach Jon Goyens identified eight key battlegrounds that had significant impacts on the outcome of each series.

He was the first to use the word ‘boring’ to describe the start of that Calgary-Dallas series, which ended up being a wise premonition.

Goyens is back with four more key areas where Round 2 can be won or lost:

Eastern Conference

Florida Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Key Battleground: Counter attacks and Physicality

Welcome back to the Thunder Dome. Fans have been salivating for this Sunshine Skate rematch since last year’s first-round clash. Part of the reason for that was the physical element last year left us wanting more. The Panthers tried to run the Lightning through the boards. This time around, physical play must remain with a purpose – and extracurricular activities after the whistle could lead to a slippery slope.