While the focus for many hockey fans today will be on the return to play protocols and when their individual team will resume the chase for the Stanley Cup, the vote between the NHL and NHLPA also officially introduced a CBA extension. With that extension, that will run through September 15, 2026 (but also has some built-in extenders), the two sides also agreed to several changes to contract structure rules and enforcement. We’ll go over some of the most striking changes here:

NMC/NTC: No-move or no-trade clauses that have been included in contracts but have not yet kicked in will remain even if a player is traded. In 2016, the Montreal Canadiens traded P.K. Subban to the Nashville Predators just a few days before his no-trade clause was set to begin. Under the old rules, the Predators had the choice of whether to honor that clause or not. They decided not to (Predators GM David Poile is notorious for not including no-trade clauses in most of his own deals) and subsequently traded Subban to the New Jersey Devils a few years later.