At least part of Jeff Green's initiation with the Celtics has been unenviable. It's hard for the forward to avoid deferring to his new teammates — more difficult, even, than finding a shot when sharing the floor with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. "It's very tough," Green said. "You have Ray (Allen) on one wing, Paul (Pierce) on one wing, Kevin (Garnett) on the block, (Jermaine O'Neal) on the block, Delonte (West). ... "It's just hard to figure out when you're going to get your shots. You want to show the ball, and when you have great players like that they're going to knock down their shots. It's fun, also. But you also have to be aware of what you can do, and when you can be aggressive to open up the floor a little more for those guys." Offense hasn't been his primary concern, though. The Celtics, in the wake of their Feb. 24 makeover (via the trade of Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City for Green and Nenad Krstic), are not defending at their usual level, and as a result, it didn't take Doc Rivers long to question the defensive urgency of his new players. The Celtics coach even used that word — urgency — when pointing out what the new guys lacked. And as Green soon learned, that meant him. "He's always on me," Green said of Rivers. "The first day I got here, the first practice he was on me. He told me he sees a bright future for myself and he's going to push me to be the best player I can be. He's going to push me hard to be the best that I can be. I know what to expect.