Jimmy Butler is who Jimmy Butler tried to tell everyone Jimmy Butler is. He's the kind of player who can go out there against one of the best players of all-time on the biggest stage in basketball and give you one of the best performances ever. Literally.

There are zero flukes on that list. No random decent player going off. LeBron, Jordan, Shaq, Magic, Barkley, Worthy, Iverson, and future Hall of Famers Curry, KD, Draymond and Tim Duncan. If the Heat win this series, Jimmy Butler makes his case pretty clear.

Even if they don't win, Butler has ascended to a place that only Jimmy Butler rightfully had a reason to believe he could reach. He averaged 15, 6 and 2 at Marquette and was then drafted 30th in 2011. There was nothing remarkable about his first few years in the league. He appeared in 42 games as a rookie and scored 2.6 points a game. His second season he averaged 8.6 points a game.