It's the beauty of the NHL offseason.

Every team is undefeated. Every team can plan a parade.

Until the regular schedule begins and we separate the wheat from the chaff.

Or, if you prefer, the contenders from the pretenders.

Given where teams finished last season and the personnel adds and subtracts that have subsequently been made, the levels of optimism are vastly different across the league's 32 organizations and fanbases.

The number-crunching types at DraftKings Sportsbook assessed those factors, and the hockey-writing types here at B/R got to work listing the teams in reverse order based on their title-winning odds.

Click through to see how it all turned out and where your favorites landed, and feel free to drop in a comment or two to let us know what you think.


Nos. 32-26: Senators, Sabres, Ducks, Coyotes, Blue Jackets

32. Ottawa Senators (+20000, bet $100 to win $20,000)

The future is bright at the Canadian Tire Centre because the Senators have begun stocking the roster with draft picks and high-profile prospects. But even the most optimistic fan would concede it's not time yet.


31. Buffalo Sabres (+20000)

OK, perhaps the folks who created the alphabet are Buffalo fans. Because listing teams by their nicknames is the only chance the Sabres have of escaping the basement these days. Good thing there's football in town.


30. Anaheim Ducks (+20000)

Trevor Zegras is a fair bet for Rookie of the Year, and the 2007 title isn't so long ago that fans have totally forgotten it, but the Ducks aren't likely to add a second banner anytime in the imminent future.


29. Arizona Coyotes (+20000)

The Coyotes have watched a lot of talent head to the exits, and they've still got four players aged 33 or older making at least $5 million per year. Not a good recipe for a banner-raising night in Phoenix.


28. Columbus Blue Jackets (+20000)

The Blue Jackets have begun the transformation—ending the John Tortorella era behind the bench and loading up with draft picks over the summer. They'll start climbing soon, but not to the top of the heap.


27. Detroit Red Wings (+15000)

If you're buying NHL futures stock, the Red Wings are among the low-priced bargains these days. General manager Steve Yzerman will get them back to contender status before too, too long, but not in 2021-22.


26. San Jose Sharks (+10000)

The Sharks have six guys making at least $6 million per season. Problem is, none of them can legitimately be considered among the league's very best players. Avoiding the Pacific basement is this year's goal.


Nos. 25-21: Predators, Kings, Canucks, Devils, Canadiens

25. Nashville Predators (+10000)

Yes, they've made the playoffs (or a reasonable facsimile) for seven straight seasons. Yes, they were a Stanley Cup finalist in 2016-17. But it seems like the window has closed and their chances are low.


24. Los Angeles Kings (+10000)

On the flip side of the Predators are the Kings. They have more talent in the pipeline and some emerging players already at the NHL level. Not an imminent threat, but if they manage to get a Jack Eichel, they'll move up.


23. Vancouver Canucks (+6000)

It's doubtful that fans in British Columbia are honestly expecting a deep playoff run this season. But 2021-22 almost can't help but be better than 2020-21. Get the youngsters under contract, and the future brightens.


22. New Jersey Devils (+5000)

Another team, another tick upward when it comes to levels of optimism. The Devils went all-in on free agency with the signing of Dougie Hamilton, which should at least make the season seem more fun.


21. Montreal Canadiens (+5000)

How can the team beaten in the 2020-21 Final be this far down? Seems the line-makers put more weight on the regular season than the playoff run. Reality probably resides somewhere in the middle.