The 2021 season is to be the longest in NFL history, and while we're 10 weeks in, there's still plenty of football to be played.

Except for perhaps a handful of teams, most of the league can believe in reaching the postseason. The Miami Dolphins, for example, are only 3-7 but have won two in a row and appear capable of going on a run.

Miami's win over the previously hot Baltimore Ravens in Week 10 could be a catalyst for Miami, and it was a perfect example of how the NFL has been this season. No matter how good a team might appear to be, it has a weakness that can be exploited. Miami is far from the only team to take advantage of a weakness and beat a "superior" opponent.

The New York Jets knocked off the Tennessee Titans in Week 4. In Week 9, the Jacksonville Jaguars outlasted the Buffalo Bills, and the Denver Broncos embarrassed the Dallas Cowboys.

Styles make fights, as they say, and teams will spend the last two months of the season largely trying to exploit the weaknesses of others while hiding their own. 

What has been every team's biggest weakness so far? Let's take a look.


Arizona Cardinals: Run Defense

The 8-2 Arizona Cardinals are one of the NFL's "good" teams that has found ways to lose in recent weeks. To be fair, their Week 10 loss against the Carolina Panthers might not have happened with quarterback Kyler Murray (ankle) and wideout DeAndre Hopkins (hamstring) in the lineup, but there's no guarantee.

Still, the Cardinals beat the San Francisco 49ers without either player a week earlier.

Carolina, though, took advantage of a run defense that ranks 31st in yards per attempt allowed—and it was not the first team to do so. The Green Bay Packers also beat Arizona by dissecting the defense on the ground.

Green Bay and Carolina rushed for 151 yards and 166 yards, respectively. Expect teams to continue to attack the run D moving forward.


Atlanta Falcons: A Lack of Weapons

For years, the Atlanta Falcons had a reputation for winning with offense while surviving on defense—and no, those 28-3 jokes won't disappear anytime soon.

While Atlanta's defense is still bad, ranking 31st in points allowed, the inability to score has arguably been a bigger issue this season. With receiver Julio Jones gone, Calvin Ridley stepping away to focus on his mental health and receiver/returner Cordarrelle Patterson serving as the team's best running back, Atlanta lacks the weapons needed to win consistently.

Matt Ryan can still be an upper-echelon quarterback, but he does not have the pieces needed to carry this team. Patterson and rookie tight end Kyle Pitts are his two most reliable options and the only two players currently with the team who had more than 200 yards through the first 10 weeks.

The ground game has also been a disappointment, as no player has averaged more than four yards per carry.