Every NFL roster features someone the organization is thankful for adding within the calendar year. 

Offseason acquisitions tend to go one of two ways. They either turn into excellent additions that help improve the respective squad or become disappointments where overpaying to acquire their services hampers the organization's long-term goals. 

Two weeks ago, we looked at the worst contracts on every roster. This week, we'll give thanks for recent acquisitions that worked out in each team's favor. 

These additions could be free-agent signings, trades or even re-signings based on the situation. Whatever the case, none of these individuals were guaranteed to be with their current squad entering this past offseason, and they've thrived now that they are. 

A cornucopia of moves throughout the league proved to be helpful and gave each franchise a reason to be grateful during the holiday season.  


Arizona Cardinals: RB James Conner

The Tennessee Titans' Derrick Henry and Indianapolis Colts' Jonathan Taylor being two of the top three in rushing touchdowns isn't surprising. The Arizona Cardinals' James Conner ranking second with 12 certainly is.

Conner looked slow and lumbering during his last two years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He signed a meager one-year, $1.75 million free-agent contract to join the Cardinals' backfield, and he's thrived.

Initially, the 26-year-old served as a complementary back to Chase Edmonds. Edmonds is now on injured reserve with a balky ankle, while Conner leads the team with 555 rushing yards.

Yes, J.J. Watt would have been the best offseason addition had he remained healthy. Unfortunately, a season-ending shoulder surgery cut his first campaign in the desert short.  


Atlanta Falcons: RB Cordarrelle Patterson

Amazingly, it took nine seasons before a team finally realized how to unlock Cordarelle Patterson's potential as an offensive weapon.

The Minnesota Vikings selected Patterson in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft. His speed and open-field creativity immediately made him an elite kick returner. However, the Vikings, along with his subsequent stops with the then-Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and Chicago Bears, never truly tapped into his full capabilities.

Patterson has been dynamic as a hybrid in the Atlanta Falcons offense. He leads the squad with 303 rushing yards and is also the team's second-leading receiver with 39 receptions for 473 yards. His seven combined touchdowns currently make him Atlanta's most dangerous offensive threat on a squad that also features tight end Kyle Pitts.