Everybody praised the New Orleans Pelicans in the summer. They wrung everything they could out of the desperate Los Angeles Lakers, got creative on draft night and added proven veterans in free agency. VP David Griffin meant business, telling Jake Fischer, then of Sports Illustrated, that if the playoffs are within reach at the trade deadline, they could be buyers. 

"People are gonna be like, 'What the f--- are they doing?'" Griffin told Fischer. "We're trying to win basketball games!"

The Pelicans may be trying, but two weeks in they have only won a single basketball game. Their 135-125 loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Monday was their sixth, and they have the second-worst defense in the league. 

This does not, however, mean that everybody was wrong and New Orleans actually had a bad offseason. I urge you to consider that it might have been too good. 

Taken individually, every single one of Griffin's transactions still looks sensible. But was it really necessary to make so many sensible moves? 

"Look at E'Twaun Moore," Pelicans guard Josh Hart said. Moore is in his ninth season in the league, his fourth with the Pelicans. He averaged 27.6 minutes last season and 31.5 the season before.