I'm not much for rumor mongering, especially since I've always felt like the Utah Jazz were determined not to make any trades this season. However, this is trade season, the trade deadline is in 8 days, and the rest of the crazy, crazy world seems to love this time of the year. Being a Jazz fan, I know that while other teams may talk to us, and the media may talk about us -- the chances are we're not actually going to do anything. ESPN's Chad Ford released an In$ider article talking about 10 impact players on the block. Of course, the list is 11 players long. So that's the Worldwide leader hard at work. (They're falling apart with John Hollinger gone!) Among the players listed are, surprise surprise, Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap. They are both guys on expiring contracts, and each week, the capabilities of their backups continue to grow. That said, we're in the middle of a playoff push here, and the 6th seed is in reach. There's ZERO way that we trade one of them. Of course, there are good reasons why someone would suggest doing it. The tandem of Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter look to be a much more competent defensive force than the front court that starts for our team. They also do need minutes. And furthermore, moving one or two of those guys means you will be bringing back something of worth that will help our team. Of course, most national writers, bloggers, and fans seem to look at how one or two of our bigs can help another team. And rarely do they actively put us in position to get something worthwhile back.