Important note to start this off. This isn't about Evan Turner right now. This isn't about how you think Evan is as a player, the likelihood that he succeeds or fails, or really anything about him at all. Do not flock to the comments to defend or condemn Evan because that is not what this is about. With that said, we can philosophically discuss options the Sixers have. Right now, they've got a ton of cap room and a lot of team-friendly contracts. Andrew Bynum will likely be locked up for five more years. Jrue Holiday will not get a max contract, but he'll get something and I believe it'll be in Philadelphia. Thaddeus Young has two years and a player option after this season totaling $27.5M over the next three seasons. All Turner has is a team option and a qualifying offer. Should they choose not to pick it up, he would become a free agent. Sixers brass will base their decision on what to do with ET by how he plays this season. Let us assume, for the sake of discussion, that he sucks. Badly. Doesn't get efficiency up, doesn't work with Bynum, defense is only middling, spars with Collins -- whatever. Doesn't matter. For our purposes, he has sucked enough to the point where they don't think he is one of the three franchise cornerstones they were hoping he'd be.