When Dianna Black finally gathered her wits, she was sitting in the passenger seat of a Rolls Royce on the shoulder of Interstate 5, dazed and confused and talking to a woman she had never seen. Before she knew it, the woman said the strangest thing: "Do you know you're sitting in a Rolls Royce owned by one of the Trail Blazers?" "My dad loves the Trail Blazers," she replied. The unfamiliar woman was Brooke Olzendam, the Blazers' television sideline reporter, the Blazers player was Evan Turner, and the pair teamed for an unlikely assist Monday afternoon. Black was driving north on I-5 Monday afternoon when the unthinkable happened. A van driving in front of her swerved hard one way, overcompensated back the other, and then twirled around, making a 180-degree turn to face oncoming traffic. In the blink of an eye, Black collided head-on with the van, her airbag exploding on impact. Olzendam, who happened to be driving behind Black, saw the whole thing as it happened and slammed on her brakes, narrowly avoiding becoming part of the accident. She pulled her car over to survey the scene and offer help. The driver of the van had stepped out of his vehicle, but Black stayed in her seat, woozy from the collision and a little worse for wear. Olzendam urged Black to remain seated and told her she was calling 911.