Phil Housley said that Evan Rodrigues has suffered a hand injury. The head coach didn’t know if it’s long or short term. Jake McCabe also missed practice. Housley said, “Jake has an upper body injury, more maintenance. It’s more of a week-to-week right now.” Housley doesn’t think it’ll keep him out for the opener, but he wasn’t sure. Both Alex Nylander and Sean Malone have missed all of camp. Housley said, “They’re making some headway with their injuries. With Nylander every day he’s getting better, he’s feeling more comfortable. Sean has been skating, so that’s intriguing.” Over the weekend, Brendan Guhle was sent to Rochester. The kid is only 19 and Housley said, “You could see from Prospects Camp to the main camp to the exhibition games, you could see the pace is getting faster and faster and I just felt he’s got to get more comfortable with himself.”