3B Evan Longoria was encouraged by how good he felt after he ran the bases Saturday, a big test in his recovery from a partially torn left hamstring. But it appears as though Longoria won't be able to start a rehab assignment until Wednesday, at the earliest, as the Rays want him to run again Tuesday at Tropicana Field. Longoria had hoped to start a rehab assignment by the end of this road trip and return by the middle of this month. "It's a struggle between me and them sometimes," Longoria said. "I understand that their job is to be cautious and get me back to stay back for the whole year, and that's definitely my goal, too. We've been going back and forth as far as when I'm going to come back and play." Longoria, on the disabled list since May 3, said he ran about as hard as he would during a game, though he admitted "it's tough to tell what game speed is when you're not playing a game." Longoria has been hitting for the past three weeks and taking ground balls for nearly two, so he believes he'd need just 2-4 days of minor-league games to be ready. Manager Joe Maddon has said Longoria would likely need at least a weeklong rehab assignment before coming back, noting they have to build him up to play a full nine innings and on back-to-back days.