Former NFL offensive lineman and assistant coach Eugene Chung called the NFL's statement on its review of his claims that he was told during a job interview he "wasn't the right minority" "a little misleading."

Chung, who is Asian American, said he has only had one short, "almost perfunctory" conversation with the NFL back in May and that "every single" coach and personnel executive he has reached out to regarding this matter has said they hadn't been contacted by the NFL during its review process. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has declined to meet with Chung, to this point, despite a request from Chung's representation, he said.

"I've had one conversation with them. I'd love to work with them hand in hand but, when it's being written that I'm going to be working with them, and I had only one very brief conversation, I think that's a little misleading," Chung said.