With Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose heading to the upcoming Get Up morning show with Mike Greenberg while retaining their NBA Countdown roles (at least for now), it was clear that the NBA studio show would be leaving Los Angeles. But we now have details on when and for where, with Ryan Glasspiegel of The Big Lead reporting Tuesday that Countdown is moving from L.A. to ESPN’s Bristol headquarters immediately, then heading down the road to the new studios in New York City (where Get Up will also be filmed) once those open in April. (Get Up is set to premiere April 2, and it seems likely Countdown will move to New York around that time as well.) Glasspiegel adds that there’s another NBA move in the works at ESPN, with the Rachel Nichols-hosted The Jump expanding from a half hour to a full hour ESPN’s NBA Countdown has taped its last show in Los Angeles, an ESPN spokesperson confirmed to The Big Lead. The program will be taped in Bristol for the next few weeks before moving to New York when the studio is ready. In further news, The Jump, hosted by Rachel Nichols, will be expanding to an hour every weekday, from 3-4 pm ET, beginning March 12th. The news is not altogether surprising. Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose are going to be particularly busy for the next few months. They will remain on Countdown all four days a week it airs — Wednesday and Friday on ESPN; Saturday and Sunday on ABC — while preparing for and ultimately launching the new morning program Get Up, along with Mike Greenberg, which is slated to debut on April 2nd. Chauncey Billups and Paul Pierce will also remain regulars on Countdown. David Fizdale will also be on the show a bit, at least while it’s in Bristol.