ESPN is looking to drop an A-Bomb on its chief rival by stealing Alex Rodriguez away from Fox Sports. The Worldwide Leader in Sports is trying to lure the former Yankees superstar and current MLB analyst away from his present media employer, multiple sources tell Sporting News. ESPN would even be willing to "share" A-Rod with Fox, but Fox is not interested in such an arrangement involving the three-time American League MVP and 2009 World Series champion, who signed a multiyear contract with the Los Angles-based network before last season. "ESPN wants A-Rod badly," said a source with knowledge of the talks, "but Fox, in general, is not good about sharing talent." Fox, ESPN and Rodriguez's media representative declined to comment. The ESPN deal is not done, and the Miami-based A-Rod would have to think twice about leaving Fox. He has been brilliant on TV ever since debuting in the 2015 MLB postseason. His performance has helped him rehabilitate his steroids-tainted image.