The future of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has come into focus in recent weeks, and that has led plenty to start to think about what moves could be made with the quarterback this offseason.

According to ESPN personality Max Kellerman, the move the Lions should make is simple, and it’s to dump Stafford to an AFC contender in the New England Patriots. On First Take, Kellerman said that he wants to see the move made this offseason as a replacement for Tom Brady.

“Stafford was great this year. MVP caliber. He has always been a top five talent and he has never quite gotten those results. Give him to Bill Belichick and let’s see what happens,” Kellerman said. “Injury might be a concern and all that but Stafford with Belichick? I would love to see that.”

According to Kellerman, a move for Stafford would be the best of the bunch for the team.

“The Patriots and Lions have done deals before. Because the cupboard is bare once Tom Brady leaves, who is going to be available? Start thinking about the guys maybe available. Not the remains of Philip Rivers. Rivers doesn’t have enough in the tank. Cam Newton is coming off injury and is not the kind of pocket passer you think of Bill Belichick wanting. An elite talent with Bill Belchick as coach? Whew.”