Still stunned about the dismissal of his former assistant and close friend David Fizdale as coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Tuesday this is not the time to talk about a potential Fizdale return to the Heat staff. "He's not doing that right now," Spoelstra said at Quicken Loans Arena in advance of his team's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. "He's going to take some time, as well he should. Since something like this happens so suddenly and shockingly, I think the best thing to do is to step back, which is what his plan is, and really disengage and then contemplate his next move. "He's a head coach. I would love to have him at least join us as a consultant or somebody to break some bread and share some wine, but that's not going to happen right now." Fizdale, 43, was dismissed amid the Grizzlies' eight-game losing streak, after leading Memphis to the playoffs last season in his first as an NBA head coach, following eight seasons as a Spoelstra Heat assistant. "Fiz'll be fine," Spoelstra said. "Look, he's a brilliant coach. I wouldn't even call him a young coach. He's a brilliant coach. He'll get another opportunity. But why does it even have to get to that, when every organization goes though those tough times? "So, he can afford to be patient in his next move. Love to have him come visit us in Miami, but he's gonna ponder his next move and take his time."