Eric Wood has toiled for the Buffalo Bills. He has slogged through losing seasons. His legs have been mangled in pursuit of winning. He doesn’t want that to be for naught. Wood the Bills’ veteran center signed a multiyear contract extension Friday. Terms of the deal were not yet known but Wood’s intentions were clear. Wood said “I would’ve never forgave myself” had he not re-signed with Buffalo “especially with the direction we’re going and to watch them make the playoffs without me.” The Bills were bad for several seasons before Wood arrived and they haven’t had a winning record since. They’ve gone 22-42 and not come close to qualifying for the postseason. The Bills’ playoff drought is at 13 years and counting. Wood however proved he’s not one to back away from a challenge. He would’ve been entering the final year of his rookie deal and wanted to have an extension signed now to avoid a distraction during the season. “All along I knew I wanted to stay here” Wood said. “I’m comfortable here – not comfortable where you’re sitting back and lazy comfortable where I love working with the guys I’m working with here and I would never want to leave here.” Wood compared Buffalo to his hometown of Cincinnati “a blue collar town down-to-earth people good food.” He said he’s always felt welcome. “People have embraced me since the day I got here” Wood said “and I don’t know if it’s my style of play or just that I was relatable but people have always embraced me. I knew long term that me and my family would feel comfortable here.” The Bills selected Wood 28th overall in 2010 with a pick they acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles in the Jason Peters trade. Wood has been Buffalo’s best offensive lineman when healthy but he has missed games in each of his four NFL seasons.