The Ravens came into Sunday's game against the Bengals with a 93.7 percent chance of qualifying for the postseason. All they had to do was beat a six-win team. It took 51 minutes, but Baltimore finally took a 27-24 lead. And then, with less than a minute to go, the unthinkable happened: Keep in mind that the Bengals' offense had been putrid for much of the second half, including the three previous plays that led up to the improbable fourth-and-12 touchdown pass that not only ruined the Ravens' New Year's Eve but cost safety Eric Weddle the $1 million bonus he was set to earn if Baltimore made the playoffs. Last week Weddle didn't even know about the bonus until general manager Ozzie Newsome brought it up. "You better bring it and you better have everyone ready because you have $1 million bucks riding on this game," Newsome said before the Ravens faced the Colts in Week 16. "It's kind of funny," Weddle said at the time, though it's obviously less funny now. "It's pretty awesome. I'm grateful that I have this opportunity. It means I've had a great season and our team has." They had a 93.7 percent chance. So what happened? The Ravens -- who forced Andy Dalton into two incompletions and a three-yard gain on that final, fateful drive -- switched from man to man to Cover 2 on the fourth-down play.