Eric Tangradi has been a source of contention among Penguins fans. Once upon a time looked at as the main piece in the Ryan Whitney trade, in many fans' eyes he has turned from being a major prospect to a major bust. Is this true, or can he still claim the status of budding power forward? Let's start with what we know about Tangradi. He's in his age-23 season in his fourth year as a professional, and he doesn't score well at the NHL level. Let's take a look at where he's come from and where is he now. Two things strike me about this set of data. The first is that Tangradi is not getting shots on net at the NHL level, with 1.0 shots per game as compared to 2.5 shots per game in Wilkes-Barre. I haven't done the research to know whether this is because he's missing the net, getting his shots blocked, or simply not getting chances, but it's worth mentioning. The second thing is that his shooting percentage in the NHL is well below his career AHL numbers over a much smaller sample size. So the first conclusion we come to is that if he had been as lucky in the NHL as he was in the AHL with 13.9% shooting, he'd have 6 goals instead of 1. Still not lighting it up, but it might have earned him more ice time with which to toss more shots at the opposition's net.