Eric Decker isn’t going to ask his wife to stop tweeting, but the Titans receiver admits they have had “conversations.” Earlier this season, country music star Jessie James Decker suggested in an Instagram post that Decker was unaware that the team planned to remain in the locker room during the national anthem. More recently, she tweeted during the Titans’ narrow victory over the Browns on Oct. 22 about Decker needing the ball more. “Of course I appreciate it. She’s obviously my biggest fan,” Decker said Thursday, via Paul Kuharsky of “It’s not the first time it’s happened. She watches the game; she gets passionate about it. We obviously have discussions about it. “But if she feels a certain way, I’m not going to tell her how to speak or what to do. But I obviously don’t want it to become a distraction in the locker room, so we’ve had our conversations about going forward with it.”