The Chicago Bulls have been nothing short of fantastic through three preseason games.

While it might be easy for Bulls fans to get excited about the perfect 3-0 start in the exhibition season it is important to realize the regular season hasn’t started. Until the games count, we must remain cautiously optimistic.

Also, Chicago has played the Cleveland Cavaliers twice and an undermanned New Orleans Pelicans squad during this preseason. The Bulls will have some much tougher nights when the regular season gets going. There is still room for improvement on this roster. The Bulls have already swung a ton of deals this offseason, but one more huge trade might be the key to transforming the squad into a true contender.

If Chicago could pry Karl-Anthony Towns away from the Minnesota Timberwolves, who should the Bulls be willing to part ways with to complete the deal?

One of the weak points for the Bulls has been the play of center Nikola Vucevic. Not only is the All-Star big man the team’s worst defensive player, he’s also struggling mightily from three-point range.

Vucevic is traditionally a top-notch pick-and-pop center, but he’s currently 0-for-13 from deep in the preseason. When you mix that with his slow rotations on defense and his periodic less-than spirited contests at the rim, you have to wonder if the Bulls could improve their chances of making this season special by moving Vucevic.

This trade works financially (per the NBA Trade Machine from ESPN) and would seemingly offer both the Bulls and Timberwolves valuable assets.