Jarvis Jenkins won’t forget his first day as a Chief anytime soon. Rakeem Nunez-Roches is a big reason for that. This was November 2016, shortly after the Chiefs signed Jenkins, a five-year veteran at that point who knew better than to assume he’d be welcomed by his fellow D-line teammates with open arms. Players are fighting for their careers and livelihoods, and sometimes, that leads to internal competition. Yet, Jenkins has encountered none of that in Kansas City, and it wouldn’t take him long to drop his guard around his new brethren. Because during his first meeting with his new group of players on the Chiefs’ defensive line, he was sitting in the meeting room, watching them walk in when Nunez-Roches approached him. “Yo, I’m Rakeem Nunez-Roches,” he said, with an enthusiastic demeanor. “They call me ‘Nacho.’” Jenkins was impressed by Nunez-Roches’ spirit and wide grin, which was only reinforced by the max effort Jenkins soon after watched Nunez-Roches give on the practice field. That’s when Jenkins realized he was watching a special person.