Enes Kanter was warned by the Knicks — and may even hear from the league — after openly encouraging a teammate to fight the opponent. Kanter revealed the reprimand as part of an apology and clarification, the latter of which didn’t quite jibe with logic. “The front office told me I cannot say stuff like that,” Kanter said Tuesday following practice. “It’s a learning process. This is my second language. When I say fight, it means compete, play hard, compete. You get a tech; you get a tech. They told me I cannot say stuff like that. I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry, NBA, my fault.” Kanter was on the sideline for Monday’s loss to the Trail Blazers with back spasms, but afterward relayed his message to an unnamed teammate — “Hey man, go out there and fight with somebody. It will get the energy up,” Kanter said. “No, I'm serious. If you go out there and just hit somebody or just fight with somebody, get a technical foul, I will pay for the fine, I don't care.” Kanter’s walkback Tuesday — said with a mischievous smile — was difficult to believe since competing and playing hard don’t equate to technical fouls. Either way, over-aggression didn’t work out for the Knicks. In the fourth quarter, Michael Beasley and Frank Ntilikina were both hit with technicals for shoving Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic. The ensuing Portland free throws signified the end of New York’s comeback attempt.