Like the fans who chanted his name when he came to bat in the ninth inning Thursday, Torii Hunter wondered if that would be his final appearance at Angel Stadium in the home team's uniform — not only this season, but for good. "I was thinking about that in the back of my mind the whole game," said Hunter, who will be a free agent after this season. "Just looking at the fans, and looking in the stands and looking around and just kind of reminiscing, you know, these last five years. I had a lot of fun, man. The fans have been awesome here." Ever the optimist, Hunter was quick to add he's hopeful his ninth-inning strikeout wasn't his farewell and that he wants to patrol right field again next season. But his use of the past tense was an interesting choice, one that contributed to the air of finality surrounding the Angels' 9-4 loss to the Seattle Mariners.