The Phoenix Coyotes have stable ownership and a winning team, but they still don’t have a fan base capable of sustaining a National Hockey League franchise. That’s the only conclusion that can be drawn after a mere 7,401 fans showed up at Arena to watch the Coyotes edge the Nashville Predators 5-4 in a shootout Thursday. After selling out their home opener, the Coyotes have seen a steady decline in interest. The average attendance stands at 11,717, the lowest figure in the NHL. Interest in hockey has never been strong in the desert, but the team averaged 14,875 fans in 2008-09, the year owner Jerry Moyes declared bankruptcy. Hockey was a hard sell in the four seasons the NHL owned the Coyotes, but commissioner Gary Bettman said he was committed to keeping the team in Phoenix. The dwindling crowds were usually blamed on the uncertainty over the team’s future. A steady parade of would-be owners kicked the tires and then disappeared before Anthony LeBlanc and Calgary financier Geoge Gosbee put together a group that bought the team on an instalment plan. They made a $45 million down payment on the $170 million purchase price, borrowed another $40 million and promised the NHL it would pay the remaining $85 million over time.