Thursday morning Mavericks management announced that Delonte West had been suspended for the second time this pre-season for "conduct detrimental to the team". The first reaction from most people was simply "Again? Really?". Given that we still have no idea what West did exactly to prompt the first suspension, a second suspension has resulted in all sorts of speculation and reaction in a really short period of time. On my twitter feed it ranged from "West really needs to get it together" to "Dallas has no idea how to handle players with mental health issues" and everything else in between. Speculation and commentary on this very site has been generally harsh of West, despite not knowing the specifics. Let me be clear: we will probably never know what has caused these suspensions. Dallas runs a right ship and as fans we rarely hear things unless we are meant to. West talking to Tim McMahon today is probably ill advised and will only serve to make a challenging situation worse.