I’m about to check out of my hotel in New Orleans. I’m watching the NFL Network’s live coverage of the Ravens’ parade. The network has picked up local coverage in Baltimore. Baltimore has shut down for the Super Bowl champion Ravens. I’m jealous. I’m wondering if Houston will get a chance to shut down for the Super Bowl champion Texans. And if so, will I still be around to cover it? I want to cover the Texans winning Houston’s first Super Bowl. I want to see the city go crazy on an unprecedented scale. I want to see the loyal, passionate, long-suffering fans get something they’ve never had — a Lombardi Trophy hoisted to the heavens. Every player in the league should be watching the NFL Network right now. The more I watch this Baltimore celebration, the more jealous I get. Thousands are stacking the parade route. The stadium is full, more than 71,000. They’re talking about 80,000 when they count fans on the field. The Ravens earned this reward. They deserve everything they’re getting. They worked so hard to win three games in the playoffs before beating San Francisco in Super Bowl XLVII. I remember the Texans defeating the Ravens 43-13. Joe Flacco’s rating among fans and media was at an all-time low. Now Flacco has been to Disney World and appeared on David Letterman after winning the MVP award. The more I watch this celebration and listen to the breathless announcers, the more I think, if Flacco can do it, why not Matt Schaub? If the Ravens can do it, why not the Texans? Training camp can’t come too soon.