Do you realize it’s been 16 years since the Braves won a postseason series? That means they’ve gone longer without a postseason series win than the Braves’ unprecedented run of 14 consecutive division titles lasted over 15 completed seasons during 1991-2005. Think about that. I point this out merely to note that it’s not as if the Braves went from being on top of the world to their current state of embarrassment over multiple alleged rules infractions under the front-office regime led by general manager John Coppolella, who was forced to resign last week. That said, no aspect of the Braves’ long run of mediocrity or worse – not six consecutive division-series losses and a wild-card game loss, not four consecutive losing seasons, not the past three seasons with at 90 losses – has brought as much shame upon the organization as the current situation, which can rightfully be referred to as a scandal. We should not hear the Braves refer to themselves as a “gold standard” franchise anytime soon. They’ve effectively lost that right for the time being. And when next you hear someone say, “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying,” you have my permission to tell them to shut the (bleep) up. “Coppy,” as he was affectionately known – yes, it wasn’t that long ago he was affectionately known by many, though it now seems an altogether different era – was forced to resign a week ago today amid an ongoing MLB investigation into Braves’ misdeeds on several fronts. Most notably it was the international free-agent market but also the domestic draft and possible tampering by contacting the agents of players who were still weeks if not months away from free agency.